Fritzsche SAICA | The Lemon Experience
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The Lemon Experience


An experienced perfumer knows that although citrus top notes set the scene, they can also alter the composition and are as much a star as a fleeting hero. Recently, Fritzsche developed an innovative fragrance utilizing state of the art distillation technology that challenges citrus applications as we know them.

Aligned with the global trend of using citrus fruits as the main note in products related to well-being, Fritzsche’s Fragrance Development Team, and Citromax VAP Team (Value-Added Products), worked cross functionally to develop a fragrance using fractions of CLEARMAX™, Citromax’s own line of distilled essential oils. The final result was a formula that enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the lemon, maintaining a subtle and elegant profile.

Under the slogan The Lemon Experience, the fragrance will be presented for the first time during Suppliers’ Day 2023 in New York, on May 2-3 (booth 1683). Attendees will be able to test its application in Eau de toilette, diffusers and scented candles, among others.

At Fritzsche we are proud to be able to ensure full traceability of our citrus ingredients, and their production under sustainable and social responsibility practices.

You can request more info and specialized advice for the development of your fragrance. Please, contact us at [email protected]


Fritzsche, is part of the family of companies of Citromax Group Inc. Citromax, founded in 1964, started out producing high-quality lemon oil for citrus-based flavors. Over the years, we planted more lemon orchards and expanded capacities to produce lemon oil, juice, and peel. Nowadays, we supply the highest quality citrus oils and juices and by-products such as lemon essence, both oil and aqueous, distilled lemon oil, and custom folded lemon oil.  To meet the growing demand for organic and GMO-free products, Citromax also processes organic lemons to produce organic lemon oil, concentrated lemon juice, and folded lemon oil. 

Date: Abril 4, 2023
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