Fritzsche SAICA | Welcoming Our New Commercial Manager
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Welcoming Our New Commercial Manager


Today, we welcomed Nicolas Bertolami as the new Commercial Manager of Fritzsche. We invite you to read an interview we conducted with him and learn more about his vision for Fritzsche.

As a company, we believe that introducing our new team members is essential for fostering a positive and cohesive work environment. It promotes a sense of community and cooperation, enabling our collaborators to connect on a more personal level. By sharing this interview, we also aim to highlight the valuable experience and expertise our new Commercial Manager brings to the company.

 Estefanía: Hi Nico! Welcome to Fritzsche! Could you briefly tell us about your professional journey and how you came to hold the position of Commercial Manager at Fritzsche?

Nicolas: I have been working in the food and beverage industry for approximately 20 years. I started at an Argentine company with a strong regional presence, for which I will always be grateful for allowing me to delve into this world. After gaining experience at one of their foreign subsidiaries, I returned to Argentina in 2016 to take on a role in a new global company with regional responsibilities. In recent years, I have been leading the commercial teams in the Southern Cone for a global Flavor House. I feel that this experience has provided me with a valuable perspective, allowing me to see the best of both worlds.

 E: What achievements or experiences in your professional career do you believe have prepared you for this role?

N: Throughout these years, I had the opportunity to work with diverse teams and invaluable resources. I was fortunate to work alongside highly skilled professionals with whom we achieved remarkable results in the region. Undoubtedly, building high-performance teams and developing business in the region are some of the most notable points. I believe that these experiences now enable me to understand not only the market but also the best ways to approach it.

 E: What do you consider your greatest professional strength?

N: I always strive to think about how to add value. I seek to be as analytical as possible without neglecting intuition, constantly striving to strike a balance between analysis and action.

 E: We would love to hear more about your professional vision. What is your approach to leading and motivating a sales team?

N: I enjoy getting involved with the team because I am passionate and motivated by fieldwork. However, I believe it is essential to do so from a supportive and guiding standpoint, allowing them to perform while providing guidance based on experience, and adding value through analysis. Typically, I work with individuals who may even have more professional experience than I do, so what is truly valuable is being able to share different perspectives to achieve the best results.

 E: What strategy do you have in mind to drive the growth and expansion of Fritzsche’s flavors and fragrances in the market?

N: Undoubtedly, we need to work as a team to enhance opportunities while optimizing resources. The market is currently highly challenging, and we need to identify areas for sustainable and well-organized growth, ensuring that we protect the business at every step we take.

 E: What is your vision for the commercial department at Fritzsche?

N: We undoubtedly have great potential. I know there is a team of immensely valuable people for the company, which is fundamental. As I mentioned before, we will pursue the best opportunities. Regionalization will undoubtedly be a path to delve into further. And, of course, the strategy will focus on maximizing our efforts with clients where we can add value.

 E: What values do you consider essential for maintaining a positive and effective corporate culture?

– Integrity, respect, and responsibility are fundamental factors. I am someone who, above all, trusts in their team.

– Transparent communication.

– Teamwork.

 E: And what expectations do you have for Fritzsche, your new role, and/or your new team?

N: I am fully confident that we will build an exceptional team. Together, we will shape a strategy for sustainable growth, leveraging technical and operational areas. I would like to empower the teams by contributing from my experience and offering different perspectives to achieve continuous improvement.

 E: Finally, we would like to ask you a bit about your personal life. Outside of work, do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about?

N: I am passionate about practicing sports, both individual and team sports. I find it helps me allocate time for myself.

 E: How do you find the balance between your personal and professional life?

N: I continuously work on it. I am fortunate to work in something that truly impassions me, and that sometimes leads me to blur the boundaries of time and space. Recent events have taught me to work outside the “natural work environments,” and one of the most challenging aspects was determining when the workday started and ended. Today, I constantly seek that balance and take time for leisure, which helps me renew my energy and return more focused.

 E: Thank you very much for your honesty and willingness to share your ideas with the Fritzsche community. On behalf of the company and the entire Citromax Group, I welcome you once again, and wish you best of luck in your new position.


Author: Estefanía Scuka
Interviewee: Nicolás Bertolami
Date: August 7, 2023