Fritzsche SAICA | Fritzsche’s building renovation
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Fritzsche’s building renovation

In March 2022, Fritzsche SAICA began an ambitious building restructuring project for the San Fernando Plant, located in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The main objective is to expand and reorganize workspaces according to the new operational and productive needs of the Development, Applications, Quality Control, Production and Administration sectors. Likewise, we seek to modernize our work spaces, reflecting the new corporate image and achieving greater comfort for our staff.

The first stage of the project is already underway and advanced, and will culminate with the transfer of the production areas to the ground floor, in order to streamline the production processes of flavors and fragrances. As a result, the areas of development, applications and quality control will add M2 to their current work surface, thus responding to the needs of the sector.

For its part, the reception area and offices will move to the first floor, giving space to the production area. The remodeling will not increase the surface -maintaining its 196.00 m2- but it contemplates a redistribution of the spaces to achieve a work environment that promotes teamwork, efficiency and communication, as key pillars of our organizational culture.

However, most of the sectors will benefit from an expansion of their work space, adding a total of 350.00 m2 to the current area, namely:

  • Preparation and packaging of perfumery, currently with an area of ​​100.00m2, will increase to an area of ​​290.00m2.
  • The flavors laboratory and the application, sampling and tasting areas, currently with a surface area of ​​150.00m2, will increase to a surface area of ​​224.00m2.
  • The meeting room, currently with an area of ​​30.00m2, will increase to 55.00m2.
  • Quality control, currently with an area of ​​38.00 m2, will move to an area of ​​61.00 m2.
  • Administration, currently with an area of ​​120.00m2 to move to an area of ​​150.00m2.

The expansion reaches all areas, including the restrooms and changing rooms for all plant personnel.

Finally, the dining room and recreation area will be located on the second floor and will have a space of 130.00m2 to one of 200.00m2.

We estimate that this ambitious project will be completed by mid-2023, and we are already planning the construction of an alternative warehouse in the Pilar industrial estate, in the Province of Buenos Aires, by 2024.


Author: Fabricio Dodaro
Edition: Estefanía Scuka
Date: 20 Aug 2022