Fritzsche SAICA | Fritzsche
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Fritzsche, an integral part of the Citromax Group, has been dedicated to crafting flavors and fragrances for industrial applications since its establishment in 1960.

Our journey is intertwined with the vision and commitment of Jacob Glueck, who assumed leadership of Fritzsche SAICA and the American flavor house Citroil Enterprises in 1967, eventually acquiring both entities in the year 2000.

Simultaneously, in 1964, Jacob founded Citromax SACI, a highly specialized agro-industrial complex dedicated to the cultivation and processing of lemons, situated in Tucumán, Argentina.

Today, Fritzsche and Citromax stand as formidable pillars in the food ingredients and flavors industry. Our fully integrated value chain is the culmination of decades of unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Jacob Glueck

A Hungary-born entrepreneur acquired his expertise in the flavor and fragrance industry from his father in Europe. His career success was complemented by a significant role in the Jewish community, earning him the prestigious Eitz Chaim Award.