Our company is part of a business group with a strong presence at a regional and global level:

  • » CitromaxFlavors Inc. (New Jersey – United States)
  • » Citromax SACI (Tucumán - Argentina)
  • » Fritzsche SAICA (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

The Group was founded by Jacob Glueck, a talented flavor chemist and a recognized business man during the 60. He took over management of the North American flavor division Citroil Enterprises and Fritzsche, in Argentina.

In 1964, he founded Citromax SACI, an agro industrial complex located in Tucumán (Argentina) and he rapidly transformed it in one of the largest producers of fresh lemons, juice, essence oil and dehydrated peel in the world.

In 2005, Citromax Flavors Inc. inaugurated its new division of flavors, expanding its business in North America. The strong collaboration between Fritzsche and all of the global technical departments, open up endless possibilities for our clients and afford them access to the last market trends.

Currently, the group is managed by Jacob’s daughter, Vivian Glueck.