“We capture scents which give identity to your products”

We are experts in developing and creating fragrances which adapt to the diverse requirements of the industry.

Our continuous research allows us to supply innovative solutions which will enhance all of your fragrance needs.

We have a wide range of fragrances, which we developed for different application areas:

» Cosmetic & Personal Care OR Beauty & Personal Care

Citrus Terpenes

Citrus Terpenes are used in a in a huge variety of flavors, fragrances and diverse industrial products. They are considered one of the principal ecologic solvents, they are used fundamentally in:

  • Cleaning of oil wells.
  • Cleaners and automotive, industrial and home degreasers.
» Fine Fragrances
» Fragrances for industrial use
» Medical products
» Odor neutralizers
» Home care or Household care
» Veterinary products
» Air fresheners
» Car care