Fritzsche SAICA is a company dedicated to the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of aroma chemicals, natural, nature identical and artificial flavors, in liquid and powder form, and fragrances, for various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Our philosophy is based on the following fundamental principles:


Fritzsche SAICA meets all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and the requirements of its customers. Fritzsche SAICA manufactures its products in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), ISO 9001:2008 Standards and FSSC 22000.

Fritzsche SAICA maintains fluid communication with suppliers, customers and legal authorities, in order to ensure the highest quality and safety of its products.

Fritzsche SAICA regularly reviews all its processes and trains its staff, in order to ensure the continuous improvement of its products.


Fritzsche SAICA is firmly committed to the safety and healthcare of its employees, visitors, contractors and the entire community. In this framework, we establish an effective program that enables the best development of our activities, committing to:

  • » Comply with all laws and regulations regarding health and safety at the national, provincial and municipal levels, applying international standards where these do not exist.
  • » Identify and assess risks in all of the company's activities, with the aim to control those which are significant.
  • » Implement continuous improvement in safety and health practices, and a periodic evaluation of its evolution.
  • » Develop training programs at all levels to help increase our staff's commitment to health and safety issues.
  • » Acknowledge that this Safety and Hygiene Policy applies to all members of the organization.


  • » Give priority to environmental management in order to preserve the ecological balance and quality of life.
  • » Comply with current national and provincial legislations, municipal decrees and resolutions from regulatory agencies, always adopting the most rigorous regulation, should they overlap.
  • » Assign clear and specific responsibilities to all members of the Company, engaging them to preserve the environment.
  • » Assign resources to achieve environmental goals.
  • » Implement an Environmental Management system, suitable for the nature of its activities, and developed to protect the environment both within the plant and in the neighboring areas.
  • » Train staff at all levels to ensure strict compliance with environmental regulations.
  • » Evaluate alternatives for the optimization of production processes in order to preserve natural resources and the environment.
  • » Continually develop the use of environmental friendlier raw material, promote waste recycling and ensure safe and legal disposal.
  • » Engage business participation in projects to improve the environment.